Simon Whitfield

4X Olympian with a Couple of Medals

 Simon is one of the most successful triathletes in history. A 4X Olympian with a gold and silver medal to show for it. 10X Canadian National Champion.  And owner of one of the biggest shit-eatin' grins in the realm of endurance sports.   The consumate happy, but driven endurance sports junkie, Simon currently spends his time playing with his daughters, paddling around the islands (SUP) near Victoria, BC and working with a few special projects and companies he's passionate about.  Oh, and apparently he cuts a mean rug...but, only his daughters will vouch for him on that.

Fantan Group, Team Next, Kidsport, Triton Triathlon Training, Velofix, Champion System


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Career Highlights

Four-time Olympian
Gold Sydney Olympics - Silver Beijing Olympics
Flag Bearer London Olympics
10X Canadian National Triathlon Champion


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