Endurance Conspiracy is driven by the art work of one man - Tony DeBoom. The brand has a growing team behind it, but the brand's creative direction is all Tony.

Tony is a former professional triathlete and self-taught artist. A graduate from West Point Academy, Tony trained with the Army Special Forces and once he completed his military service he immersed himself in the world of competitive triathlon. He was a reserve on the Sydney 2000 US Olympic Triathlon Team and went on to win Ironman Utah in 2001.

Once Tony decided to retire from racing, he served for two years as the Directeur Sportif for the Tri Dubai Professional Triathlon Team, where he was responsible for coordinating and managing superstar athletes. Following this he started up his own coaching company called DeBoom Sports Mecca with his brother Tim (2x Ironman World Champion).

Then 8 years ago Endurance Conspiracy was born. Tony picks up the story:

“'I’ve always carried a pad with me on trips for doodling and writing – I just did it for my own amusement. In 2007 I helped set up the Red Bull House in Kona for the Ironman World Championships. We had some parties and events throughout the race week where we had some other companies involved like Inside Tri and Patagonia. Everyone wanted T-shirts made for the event, so I just sort of took control of that project and I guess that’s where it started. EC was born there. I learned that I just really enjoyed the whole creative process and was filling a void that I didn’t know existed in my life – I had found a new inspiring outlet.”

Tony wanted EC to represent a simpler time in the sports we all love:

“I think there was a sense of enlightenment in the earlier years of endurance sports that is missing now. The pros used to travel to races early and stay late – they’d really soak up the experiences and make new friends, try local cuisine, enjoy what the venue had to offer including the nightlife. … Nowadays, pros seem to zip in and out of a race venue so quickly. We’re trying to reconnect with the adventurous spirit of endurance sports – the reason we all originally got involved.”

There is also a message that Tony wants to communicate through the brand and his art Health and Fitness Adventure and Happiness.

“Our tag line says it all, ‘the fit shall inherit the earth’. Those perfect moments that we all feel when cresting a steep hill on our bike, skipping down a trail or catching that wave for a free ride into the beach. Unless you experience those moments for yourself, you really don’t know the euphoric high we’re expressing in our art. I guess you could say that’s the conspiracy!”

Inspiration for Tony’s art comes from all types of popular culture and is folded back into the brand’s philosophy. His ideas stem from the world of music and film, TV and travel his eyes are always wide open.

Along with Endurance Conspiracy Tony does custom art work for high profile brands and musicians. His portfolio includes commissions from the likes of Red Bull, Nuun, Zipp Wheels, Pearl Izumi, Rock-n-Roll Marathon Series, Netflix and Jack Johnson, to name but a few.

EC is always moving forwards, new designs, new partnerships, new ideas, new thinking. EC T shirts are not just T shirts, there is a personal touch, a meaning and a message behind each one. Which is why we are delighted to be bringing EC’s brand to the UK.

Tony is married to Elize and they have three children, Poet, Summer and Juno. They live in the endurance sports capital of the world Boulder, Colorado, USA.